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The Venetian Island Hop

Venice has an island for everything: from a school to a cemetery to a church. By taking the waterbus or a private water taxi, there is much you could potentially experience. In an hour’s time, you can be on a beach in Lido, one of the outermost islands of Venice. Or you can visit Sant’Erasmo island, a farming community with bee hives, a fort, and a winery! You don’t even have to get out of the boat to see some of the amazing sites.

Short on time, we chose to get off at two of the most popular islands, Murano and Burano. Murano, closer to the main island, is about a 30-minute boat ride. Burano is much further and is about an hour and 15 minutes. We took our first ride to Murano, walked from one end of the island to the other, and got on another boat to Burano. One evening’s time is enough to block out for this unless you want to stop at other islands, like Sant’Erasmo island.


Murano is a small island series in which you can walk from one end to another. But don’t get the impression it will be a quick walk! This community is known for glass blowing and there is much to see in the windows and shops. Some sell passes to see the artists at work or as a potential purchasing customer you might get a special tour of the private rooms above a shop. The artwork is stunning, and the artists spend many hours on one piece layering the colors.

Photography is not allowed, but I brought home a few trinkets that were easy to carry for the next two weeks. On the last train ride home, I sat back against my bag and heard a pop. I was distraught, but luckily it was cookies being crushed and my chickens made it safely home!


This island is found at the north part of the lagoon and is a fishing community known for its bright, colorful buildings. To repaint a building or home here, one has to submit a request to the government and follow a specific spectrum. We chose to come here to grab dinner and taste the local seafood: scallops, mussels, and sea bass. Although it was high tourist season, the island seemed cozy and less crowded.

Dreaming of this adventure? Or have you had an experience of your own? Share with us!

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