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  • Chicken Love – Birdie’s Story

    Chicken Love – Birdie’s Story

    Coming in four months behind the original chicks, Birdie’s life was very different from any chicken. Birdie slept indoors with me for six months to sleep in our home office.

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  • The Original Three: Becoming a Chicken Tender

    The Original Three: Becoming a Chicken Tender

    On September 23, 2016, we gave into the temptation and finally bought chickens. We had no clue what we were getting into, but it would be an adventure!

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  • Essential Oils & Chickens

    Essential Oils & Chickens

    Are you a backyard chicken owner? I have to admit they are a lot of fun! But with that fun, there comes responsibility. I have learned a lot about raising chickens, but the most important thing is to keep them well and healthy.

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