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  • Getting Around Italy (Italia)

    Getting Around Italy (Italia)

    Renting a car makes getting around much easier, but the windy narrow roads and bold Italian drivers can make it very stressful. Keep reading for other safer and less stressful ways to travel Italy.

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  • The Venetian Island Hop

    The Venetian Island Hop

    Venice has an island for everything: from a school to a cemetery to a church. By taking the waterbus or a private water taxi, there is much you could potentially experience. In an hour’s time, you can be on a beach in Lido, one of the outermost islands of Venice.

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  • Get Lost in Venice (Venezia)

    Get Lost in Venice (Venezia)

    During our approach and when we exited the train station, we quickly realize why Venice is called “The Floating City” or “City of Canals.” Widely know for its gondola rides, you don’t quite understand the infrastructure of this city until you are upon it. Everywhere you look, there is a water channel, bridge, or boat.

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