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The Beauty & Destruction of Pompeii

The infamous, ancient city of Pompeii has been hidden under Mount Vesuvius’ ash and rock since 79AD. The volcano’s destruction preserved the city’s color and culture, and everyday archeologists are undercovering more. Home and villas were elaborately decorated with frescos, fountains, and mosaic-tiled flooring. The city was once bustling with both the wealthy and enslaved and had bathhouses, brothels, cafes, taverns, a theatre, and a 20,000 seat arena. With all the beauty that has been revealed and is on display, there is an eeriness in the air seeing the plastered victims and the volcano looming over waiting for its next eruption.

There is a lot to see, and each home or villa has a scheduled opening. It is hard to fit it all in one day, and it is probably wise to get a tour guide that can bring to the best spots. Unfortunately, we complete missed out on seeing the arena.

Mount Vesuvius looming over its destruction.

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